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We asked – you told

by Mav Kopczewski

21 August 2020

Your Story

For this blog I wanted to do something and allow people to tell us how they have been coping since lockdown especially those who have been made redundant and finding it hard to get back into work. When I initially put the call out, I was surprised by just how many responses we received. In this Blog we have included some of the responses received from various different people.

"Since being made redundant I have found it incredibly difficult to pick myself up. Having worked for the same employer for the last 19 years I feel that all my hard work has disappeared in an instant. Nobody could have predicted what so many have had to face but its been one of the toughest things I have been through." - Jamie S, Swindon "

"Due to Covid19 and like so many I have found myself in a position where I am finding it difficult to find my next role. It seems so many people will apply for one role which makes everything that extra bit hard. Of course I have found myself under pressure as I have gone from earning a good salary to nothing which has also meant that making ends meet not just for me but my family has become even more of a challenge." - Barbara T, London

I recently looked at just how many people have lost jobs due to Covid19 and I was staggered at the number 730,000 and that’s just between April – July. This has been like for so many a very challenging year and for some it will get easier, but for so many it won’t. I have said before running a Business is never easy and so many hours have to be put in to ensure we meet our targets, hit our margins, furthermore continue to grow our platform of Clients and Applicants. As a Business we continue to work hard ensuring that we connect with as many businesses as we possibly can to enable them to use our services, this however can take longer than people think.

If you are someone who is looking for a new role remember we are here for you – sometimes changing your career path will always have positive impacts!

Stay safe and remember we are here for you.