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welcome back

by Mav Kopczewski

22 July 2020


What a Month it has been. We have seen so much happen and change - most importantly we are seeing the key industries return to do what they love to do best!

That said it has been busy for the team here at HQ, as we continue to talk to lots of businesses who are looking for roles to be filled. This of course isn’t an easy process as so many forget trying to encourage someone or a group of individuals to change can take a lot of work and so much work and many hours have to be committed to enable this to happen.

Someone asked me not so long (have I considered the need for staffing levels at Christmas), the answer in short is yes, however I tend not to tell anyone that as this is something that has already been planned for sometime. See, running a business or multiple businesses isn’t something that means you can stroll into the office at 08.55am and finish at 17.00pm. The amount of dedication, time and effort that goes in is something that I don’t think anyone will ever be able to tell – it can sometimes be great, bad, ugly and tough but going through all these scenarios is what I believe will enable us as a business to be successful.

I am a firm believer that you don’t have to be big to have lots of money, nor do you have to be big to be successful – infact it comes down to determination and passion and the end results will pull you to where you want to be!

We continue to see our numbers grow in terms of how many we have seen into work on a Permanent basis. It makes me so very proud to know that locally a business is available to support those who need us. Whilst we continue to work hard as ever we are in the background working on a number of other adventures and cant wait for these to be launched (please ensure you keep an eye out).

As a keen football supporter I was fortunate enough to see what our sponsorship will look like for Bournemouth Athletic FC (2020/2021) season. I must admit I am pleased and proud to see our name out their – (pictures to follow).

Don’t forget we are here for you.

Please stay Safe.