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Welcome 2021

by Mav Kopczewski

04 January 2021

Welcome 2021

As I sit and write this blog I cant but help thinking back to 2020, it goes without saying it has got to be the most challenging year not only have I ever has to face but I speak for so many. I am sure as we approached the end of 2020 most of you would have said at some points ‘’lets hope for a better year, next year’’!

In reality it is very difficult to know what is going to happen from one day to the next due to the uncertainty around so many things, this includes jobs, finance, housing and so much more. I for one could never had imagined that we would be in such a crisis with no end in sight………… well there is all ways light at the end of the tunnel they say!

2020 was a year which had its very good moments for us and its very tough moments. I count myself lucky as having launched this business back in March it could have quickly gone downhill, but thanks to the hard working and dedicated team I have we have managed to strive into bigger directions despite everything that is going on. Starting or even running a business is never easy and is constantly a big factor why those who run businesses stay a wake at night as so much goes around your head, questions are asked, decisions need to be made, money needs to be earnt and stability gained – and whilst I spend many nights awake with little sleep, we have as a business managed to hit certain targets that were set prior to us launching.

To date we have helped 238 people into permanent work and have secured the services of 16 clients (all this in the space of less than 1 year), this goes to show just how dedicated we are and enables me to look at growth within the business which in time will create more opportunity and more jobs. I speak to lots of people on a weekly basis and have some very open conversations about the job markets and in my mind its quite simple all you need is a willingness to take that next step, jobs don’t come to you, you have to go to them and with the current climate and situation so many are finding it even harder then this time last year – figures show that around 300 more people are applying per job which in itself sifting, contacting, interviewing, selecting and choosing takes a long time.

This year I plan to enhance the services we offer not only to clients or applicants but to individuals (more information on this will follow this year).

If you are looking for a new role or advice please remember we are here for you.

Stay safe!