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Tough Times

by Mav Kopczewski

30 November 2020

Tough Times

This year has been different for everyone nothing could have prepared us for what we have faced. The crippling impact that COVID19 has had is somewhat unpresented and has caused people to readjust. So many have lost jobs, lost their homes, have seen a decline in health and yet we still see so many people wanting to beat the knock on affect this has had.

Over the last few months we have certainly seen an increase in job vacancies and people who are looking for a new role. Almost on a daily occurrence we as a business have countless of conversations with people from various backgrounds as they feel they have lost confidence and feel that their next job will not be the same. This is where I believe we are so different as apart of our business ethos is to spend time on the phone with who ever we speak to reassuring them that the job market is actually safe and trying something new is what so many would see as beneficial.

As we approach traditionally one of the busiest time of they year, of course so many will be sceptical and may be feeling that you want an extra long extended break, even writing this year off, however it is very important for those that are looking for a career change to start planning ahead. Lots of businesses will soon be closing earlier than normal, however there will still be those who wont be shutting and will be looking to recruit. When applying for your next role make sure you are maximising your potential, this includes keeping your CV to 2 pages ensuring it includes a personal statement.

Remember we re always here for you so if you have any questions or want a bit if advice give the team a call on 0800 023 5041 who will be more than happy to help and assist.