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Second Wave

by Mav Kopczewski

24 September 2020

Second Wave

What a few months it has been, just as we thought things were getting better for so many, yesterday other industries were told it is likely they will either have to shut their businesses or their business will be affected to a level which no one could ever predict. Of course, this news in some way would have been expected but for those who this will affect no doubt will be the tipping point for them.

So many people will have divided opinions on what is the right thing to do in situations that we are all facing, but I for one need to make it clear a lot of jobs still exist and yes it is easy just to throw the towel in and give up, I would encourage you not to. When I started this business I had only just come out of what I would call the most challenging period of my life and with very little support Ė back then all I could think about was giving up, but then something clicked and the idea of creating something which would help so many really enabled me to become more positive and certainly more progressive.

As I sit and write this latest blog it makes me so proud to think that we have as a business helped 179 people into work on a permanent basis and this isnít done just by sitting in front of a computer hoping that someone will call us, this has been achieved by putting in a huge amount of hard graft whilst having a positive outlook with what we do. The impact of COVID19 is massive and has and will affect people in so many different ways, ways in which people will never have experienced before, but if I can give you one message it would be to take one step at a time, donít rush, remain positive and everything will come together.

We anticipate over the coming weeks that we will see a surge in businesses needing our help especially as we start to enter the winter period which always proves to be very challenging, so make sure that you keep an eye out on our Facebook for all new vacancy announcements.

Remember we are open Monday to Friday and are on hand to answer any questions you may have.