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Keep Going . .

by Mav Kopczewski

08 May 2020

Health Care

As we enter into our 8th week of isolation, to many it may appear that there is a long way to go with so many facing difficult challenges, decisions, impacts plus so much more. I for one never thought we would ever see let alone experience something that has proven to have a massive impact on so many.

As I walk and drive around, the scene is very much surreal with Roads, Shops and other places very quiet. I am only just about getting used to the 2 meter distance rule and the 1 in 1 out of most shops, that said we continue to keep positive within Mavi Solutions. Since March we have seen a massive increase from both applicants and clients whist we have received some amazing reviews as well. Its not easy running a business as you are constantly thinking about your next step, your next challenge, your next opportunity and so much more. Many of us often have ideas in our head that we would like to try, but often its easy to give up. For years and years I always thought that I have to prove to so many, but in reality I don’t as I manage with what I have and whilst we all dream of having a private jet, a nice boat and house sometimes it’s a nice thought rather than reality.

However it is not an impossibility as every ounce of effort and hour you put into something the rewards pay off. I don’t believe you have to be big to be successful, I believe you need grit and determination which will pull you through. We are lucky at Mavi Solutions as we see our client base grow weekly and the feedback we have received has been better than I had ever expected. Of course running a business isn’t about me it’s about everyone who supports it on a daily basis.

Lots of people ask me - how many vacancies have you filled since you launched, the answer is 99.

How come we have filled so many vacancies?

Mavi Solutions has a simplistic Business Model, everything about what we do is easy to understand and an enjoyable Journey. We build trust with the clients who use us, we build trust with the applicants that come through us and we build trust with each other.

Never give up, keep going and stay safe.