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What is the difference

by Mav Kopczewski

28 October 2020

Often I receive lots of phone calls from people who are looking for a new role and one of the questions I get asked on a regular basis is what is the difference between us and a Recruitment Agency. Recently we mentioned that we would be discussing these questions and other concerns with a panel to see what others think and how Recruitment processes currently look. Below I have outlined some differences and what some of difficulties so many are currently facing.

Recruitment Agencies:

Lots of people see Recruitment Agencies as a quick fix to a huge problem when trying to find yourself a job. What so many people don’t realise is most Recruitment Agencies operate on a Zero Hour contract which means you are not guaranteed regular work or financial Security. Recruitment Agencies will work on numbers, meaning they have mass volume and will put applicants forward to jobs even if they don’t fit the criteria, this is because they can bill high amounts to clients without being realistic in their entire approach from the start.

A recent survey was carried out on 2000 people and 67% of people fear that if they don’t tale a shift when a Recruitment Agency calls, they will not be offered another opportunity. To me this is a bully tactic and is completely the wrong approach to take – it also goes back to how Agencies operate and why so many have a bad name but more importantly leave a bad name within the entire industry.

Zero Hour Contracts:

Zero Hour Contracts should be a thing of the past, sadly they are not. Zero Hour contracts are worded in a way which lots of people don’t understand without assurances or guarantees. No protection is offered and you aren’t often able to take advantage of Employee Benefits, so if you are working in a cooperate firm through a Recruitment Agency a majority of those employees will be Permanent Employees meaning they are at a much better advantage point then you as in most cases they are covered for most eventualities and are in a secure Position. This is why when every you apply for a role it’s is always recommended that you apply direct to the employer or via the job advert, but in some instances you need to be careful as some jobs that are advertised are direct via Recruitment Agencies which you may not realise.

If you do take a job via a Recruitment Agency you will always notice that over 70% of the roles available are very low paid, what you may not realise is that agency will be charging huge amounts just for putting you into work (without guaranteeing you long term Gevity).


When you re filling out an Application Form it is very important that you complete the entire Form as this is what will secure you that next Interview. It is very common for people to miss parts or not complete the Application Form as it is seen as a thing of the past and people don’t want to sit for hours completing lots of Paperwork. In fact if you think about it, by filling out that Application Form this is what could secure you that job.


Did you know that it takes an employer around 7 seconds to decide if they want to interview you. I can’t stress enough how important a CV is and what the content looks like. A CV should be no longer than 2 pages long as so many employers will receive in average of around 25 CVS per job vacancy. This means the first 15 could potentially not be what they are looking for with your CV being the 16th – so you need to make it count.

Remember, we are not a Recruitment Agency and any role through us is on a permanent basis.

Stay Safe!