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My First Blog.

by Mav Kopczewski

01 April 2020

Health Care

This is my first blog since launching Mavi Solutions and I can honestly say that I never thought I would see or experience stranger times. I am so fortunate to wake up every day knowing that I can continue running a business which is helping so many, not only Businesses throughout the UK but applicants who seem to have also fallen victim to this pandemic that we are all facing.

When I was creating and setting up Mavi Solutions I really wanted to create something different which would grab the attention of so many. Lots of research went into how I wanted to implement the Business and how I was effectively going to be different to others. I hear so many stories from so many almost daily about the struggles they are facing and the impact that the Coronavirus is having. I say to many that Mavi Solutions is here for you, I don’t want to be seen as a Business that is all about making money, I want to create a ‘’Family feeling’’ where we can continue to be trusted by so many.

Every day I get up and on many occasions I have had to pinch myself because I realise just how fortunate I am to have good people around me as it was only back in March 2019 where things began to fall apart for me and my life started to spiral into some uncontrollable situations which I thought I would never be able to escape from. I have for so long always aspired to be a Business Owner whilst having entrepreneurial thoughts in my head. The turning point was late last year where I realised that with all the good people around me and the help I received has allowed me to continue my journey in the direction I had always wanted to go. Life can be cruel, sometimes its easy to give up, but my best bit of advice is simply talk to others, aspire to be what you set out to be and never give up.

Some days will be harder than others, but the many good days you have will out way the bad ones.

Keep smiling and remember we are here for you, so don’t forget to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Stay Safe!