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A further step in the right direction……………………

by Mav Kopczewski

10 June 2021

A further step in the right direction

Since my last blog we have seen lots change especially in the Hospitality sector. For those of you who have or still work within Hospitality will know what a relief it was when the doors reopened and we could enjoy the feeling of some freedom, not least meeting up with family and friends again after what seems a lifetime!

What that has meant for us is we have become even more busy with new roles coming and have seen a slight increase in new Hospitality roles, however on the flip side the industry as a whole is very much struggling with less people snapping up roles! I suppose one of my frustrations is that we speak to lots of people with most being offered an interview then some applicants fail top turn up for said interview and don’t have the decency to contact the hiring manager to let them know.

Whilst we are now moving into a more ‘’right direction’’ recruiters put in a huge amount of work and time to ensure that we get you the best opportunity as you will know, and for those who have been out of work for sometime to not even turn up for your interview is something that won’t be forgotten, so my advice to you is if you have an interview booked and confirmed, do the right thing and attend as there are so many people that would want to snap up the opportunity that you may not go for!

Remember, if you are looking for your next role, be sure to give a member of our team a call so we can assist you in finding your next job!