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First Year

by Mav Kopczewski

22 April 2021

First Year

As I sit here and write this blog I think how can it be 1 year already, with everything that has happened over the last 12 months yet we are still here and helping so many. When setting up the business it was so difficult to know how the first year would go recognising that we launched on the day the very first lockdown was announced.

I supposed in some ways this spurred us on as so much work had been put in to ensure that we could launch and get our feet off the ground, this we have done and as we enter into our second year it enables us to reflect back to see how much of a difference we have made to quite a few people. Running a business isnít for everyone, it has its ups and downs and can be very tough, every day is different but you need to keep working hard to carry yourself forward, this is what we have done and as this is being written can be proud of how hard the team has worked not only getting a number of new clients on board and managing to get over 250 people into work but the fact we are still going. As we go into our second year not only does it enable us to reflect on the past 12 months, it gives us the opportunity to think about how we can better ourselves, what changes need to happen and how we can develop as individuals whilst we ensure that we keep building our client pipeline and continue to help those who are looking for a new role.

We have been fortunate enough that we have the opportunity to work with some incredible clients throughout the UK and our encouraged by the fact we have received some incredible feedback from our clients and applicants that have been successful over the last 12 months.

Remember if you are looking for your next role and want to avoid those recruitment agencies, contact us directly.