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The end is near…………

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The end is near…………

by Mav Kopczewski

04 March 2021

The end is near…………

With the recent news that things will slowly start to return to some sort of normality, this has provided an incredible boost to so many. Last year has been very difficult for so many with people losing jobs, businesses closing down amongst the devastation COVID19 has caused.

As I sit here writing this blog I cant believe for us it’s been almost a year since we launched and what a year it has been. I tend not to discuss how well we have done and what our journey has looked like, but I can assure you its been a good one!. Most of us will know the road map that has been set out and the timelines behind this, I am sure that most if not all of you are looking forward to April 12th, more importantly June 21st when we can say good by to what has no doubt been the toughest year yet for so many. That said, the job market is steadily coming back to life, whilst some industries will take longer to recover than others, it is clear the number of jobs available is huge

I often get asked for advice, especially around why applicants never hear back from employers. Since COVID19 hit, the rise in applicants per job has reached an additional 400%, this means the chances of CVS being read by employers is reduced, the number of applicants not matching the job specification is higher and the time employers are having to take to sift is a longer. To me a CV is your selling point, in my last blog I put some indicators around how you can ensure your CV stands out from everyone else. When applying for a job what is it that makes you want to be considered? Is it the Salary? Is it the company? Is it the job itself?

Over the coming months we will be holding online seminars where we will be discussing recruitment and the processes that are involved, this is something I believe needs to happen as I here so many peoples frustrations when it comes to applying for jobs, and it is my hope that when we hold these seminars it will give everyone a much better understanding of how recruitment works. Yes you can go to Recruitment Agencies and get a job the same day, but that doesn’t give you financial stability neither does it give you clarification. Remember as the job markets begin to reopen this is the time for you to sell yourself.

Lastly, if you need any support or tips around job applications, CVS or interview processes contact us directly and a member of the team will be happy to help and support you.

Stay safe!