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Behind every successful business there is a group of hard working and motivated individuals with the right talent in the right job who are hungry for success.

Our cost effective solutions will provide fantastic savings for your business.

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Welcome To Mavi Solutions

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Bringing exceptional talent onboard doesn't have to be expensive. Our Talent Solution Service is the bridge between the right talent and the right role.

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Welcome To Mavi Solutions

We are a Unique Solution Provider which cuts out the ''Middle man'' from your recruitment needs. Our simple and effective Solutions will support you in filling your vacancies without paying high percentage fees.

Finding the right talent who gel in with your organization is key to the success of your team. We will listen to your needs and requirements and will build you a Recruitment Strategy which will support in finding the right talent for your business.
We will resource your next hire using our excellent candidate database and Job Boards to fill your Vacancy. Our effective pre-screening of applicants will ensure that you will get a pool of right talent to choose from.
We have solutions that fit businesses of all shapes and sizes. We can review your requirements and provide you with the right solution to meet your needs whether its one of our Packages or a bespoke package we will ensure we provide you a service that meets your requirements.
Keep your recruitment costs down and say goodbye to higher placement fees by easing your recruitment needs with us. Our solutions are cost effective and transparent whilst you are guaranteed to have a simple journey.
Ten 4 Ten offer will give every new client 10 free member of staff placement credit saving you £1000 in our placement cost. Offer will be valid once we have placed 10 staff at cost price (£100.00 per placement). (T&C apply)

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Our Pricing Plans

Average staff replacement cost in the UK is £4000. Choose from our carefully designed plans to reduce your recruitment and placement costs significantly.


Price Per Month


  • Advertising on 2 Prime Job Boards
  • Unlimited Applicant Resourcing
  • External Advertising Including Branding
  • Applicant Pre Screen
  • 12 Months Price Lock in
  • Placement Fee £100 Per Applicant


Price Per Month


  • Advertising on 3 Prime Job Boards
  • 1 featured Advert
  • Unlimited Applicant Resourcing
  • External Advertising Including Branding
  • Applicant Pre Screen
  • 12 Months Price Lock in
  • Placement Fee £100 Per Applicant


Price Per Month


  • Unlimited Job Board Advertising
  • 3 featured Adverts
  • Unlimited Applicant Resourcing
  • External Advertising with Branding
  • Applicant Pre Screen
  • 12 Months Price Lock in
  • Placement Fee £100 Per Applicant
How We Work

4 Steps To Make your Hiring Successful

Plan your Requirements

Planning and identifying your resource requirements is key for an effective resourcing strategy. Assessing your project goals and formulating an effective descriptive job specification should be done to attract talented candidates.

Provide a Strategic approach

Developing an attractive Job Description, choosing the right Job Boards to advertise, presenting your company well to the candidates and an effective pre-screening and interview process should be part of the strategic Plan.
Attracting motivated candidates who will fit in well within the organization and can deliver on the goals that your company set should be the recruitment objective.

Provide a Simple Journey

There are no hidden fees, charges or higher placement costs. We charge only a small fee per successful placement.

Resource and Find

Our extensive quality candidate database combined with right Job boards, advertising and an efficient applicant pre-screening will deliver good applicants for you to choose from.

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We take pride in delivering a First Class Service to all our clients by ensuring we understand your needs. Using Mavi Solutions is simple, effective and will provide you with a great experience and transparent service.

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